5 Facts About Zac Efron’s That Awkward Moment

The New Year signals a new crop of rom-coms and That Awkward Moment (15) is first up with a fresh take on the genre.

Starring Zac Efron, Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan, the film follows three best friends as they deal with relationship issues. Following a decision to stay single, fate intervenes and they soon start falling for girls who make staying unattached harder than they thought.

Here’s what you need to know about the film!

1. It was originally titled ‘Are We Officially Dating?’

While the original title perfectly fits the themes of the film, it was officially changed in September 2013. In the film, Zac Efron’s character, Jason, lives in fear of the “So…” moment and often handles it with a well-prepared break-up line.

We guess they realized that awkward moment of silence after a girl has asked, “So… what are we?” deserved more prominence.

2. This is a different type of rom-com

maxresdefaultAs the film poster might hint, this is a rom-com from a guy’s point of view. A brom-com, if you will. Hoping to follow in the steps of Just Friends and No Strings Attached, it’s less romantic pillow talk and more hook-ups in hospital wards.

The guys vow to stay single and only have women around if it’s for casual sex, so prepare yourself for lots of sex, raunchy lines and a few fart jokes in between.

3. Zac Efron is an executive producer

Zac Efron not only stars as a lead cast member, but is also an executive producer for the film. The film is the first to come from his production company, Ninja’s Runnin’ Wild Productions, which has 8 other projects in development.

Tom Gormican, who also makes his directorial debut, wrote the script for the film.

4. It has a great cast

As well as Zac Efron, the film also stars upcoming talents such as Miles Teller, who you might recognize from recent party films such as Project X and 21 & Over. (Make sure you check out our video interview with Miles, coming soon to Flicks And The City.) Meanwhile, Michael B Jordan will be a familiar face to fans of The Wire, Friday Night Lights and, his latest film, Fruitvale Station.

The leading ladies are also worth keeping an eye on with Imogen Poots already impressing in her roles in 28 Days Later and Fright Night, while Mackenzie Davis is one to watch following her roles in Smashed and Breathe In.

article-2467384-18D7FC0A00000578-526_634x3695. It’s educational (kind of)

Men, if you should find yourselves desperately needing to pee after taking a copious amount of Viagra, this film has the answer for you.

You’ll also learn how important it is to establish the difference between “dressing up” and being “dressed up” if you want to avoid awkward moments when you meet your girl’s parents in the most inappropriate outfit.

And you’ll definitely learn why it’s always important to ensure you’ve locked the bathroom door at a family gathering!

That Awkward Moment (15) is in UK cinemas from 29 January 2014.