3 Reasons To Check Out 10 Rules For Sleeping Around

10 Rules For Sleeping Around is a new comedy available for download and streaming now. So, why should you check it out?

1. It’s unapologetically silly

The film follows Vince and Cami, a married couple who seem happy enough with their arrangement to have an open marriage. Both separately try and convince their close friends, Ben and Kate, to follow their lead before they even think about getting married. Things all come to a bumpy head when a weekend in the Hamptons goes oh-so-terribly wrong and it soon becomes clear that open relationships are always a recipe for disaster.

2. From the brains responsible for addictive reality TV

Both written and directed by Leslie Greif, the film has a lot of scenes that are nothing short of outrageous. But considering Greif is a producer for reality TV shows such as R&B Divas, Gene Simmons: Family Jewels and Preacher’s Daughters, it really should be no surprise that the theme of the film seems to be; the wackier, the better!

3. Set in the Hamptons

All the comedic twists and turns take place in a lovely Hampton home before moving on to a grand celebrity beach party, so there’s more than enough to help your mind transport itself to a gorgeous location. 10 Rules reminds you why, as you take in the stunning views and lust after the prized Hampton homes, this is such a well-loved filming location.

10 Rules For Sleeping Around is available for download or streaming now.