21 And Over DVD Review

What’s it about? The film introduces us to smart college student Jeff Chang (Justin Chon) on the night before he turns 21. Jeff has an important interview to get into medical school in the morning, however his high school friends Casey (Skylar Austin) and Miller (Miles Teller) turn up unexpectedly as a birthday surprise and convince him to go out for one drink. But that one drink turns into the craziest night in student history…

Verdict: Considering this is a film from the writers of The Hangover, it’s not surprising it’s about a group of friends who have a crazy drunken adventure.21 and Over

Similar to the likes of Superbad and American Pie, the film almost feels like a list of shocking and outrageous scenarios. As long as you don’t bother to question any of the crazy goings-on, you’ll have no problem laughing away at each ridiculous twist and turn.

Skylar Austin continues to make a name for himself after an impressive appearance in Pitch Perfect, and it’s his rapport with Miles Teller that really makes the idea of these guys being friends realistic.

Justin Chon doesn’t have the easiest task in the world as he spends 98% of the film in various levels of drunken stupor, but he delivers the perfect performance for his character Jeff.

Things really hit their stride when Randy (Jonathan Keltz) and his goons show up as well as in scenes of the wildest drinking game ever – Tower of Power.

As always, you can rely on a happy ending of independence and friendship, and the knowledge that the characters would definitely be silly enough to do it all over again._MG_8943.CR2

Extras: The DVD provides some more entertaining hijinks from the film set including the always fun to watch gag reel. Features named Levels of Intoxication and Tower of Power also take a look at two of the main highlights of the film – drunkenness and over-the-top drinking games.

Final words: Everything you’d expect from the typical ‘drunk teens do crazy things’ storyline. Nothing you haven’t seen before, but guaranteed to make you laugh.

Rating: 3 / 5      

21 And Over is available on DVD and Blu-ray on 9 September